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Kspeu. Education in Kazan
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Education in Kazan
Student: Butromeeva A. A. Teacher: Aituganova J. I.
Kazan, 2022

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Goal: narration about higher educational institutions of Kazan Tasks: 1) to study the directions of higher educational institutions; 2) to tell about the history of each institution.

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Kazan is a large and constantly developing city. Of course, there are a sufficient number of educational institutions here. People come from all over Tatarstan to enroll in them. Kazan universities also often accept applicants from other countries and cities. There are many universities and branches in the city. Many of them once separated from the main educational institution of the city - Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. However, some universities have a rather narrow focus.

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Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University
It is impossible to talk about Kazan universities without touching upon the most famous higher education institution. Initially, this educational institution was simply called Kazan State University. It was founded in 1804. Graduates include such personalities as Ulyanov-Lenin, Lomonosov. Of course, this gives the university a special glory. About sixteen thousand students study at the university. This higher educational institution includes a chemical institute, the Institute of Oriental Studies, as well as several branches in other cities.

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Kspeu. Education in Kazan, слайд 5

Kazan State Power Engineering University
The first attempts to create a higher educational institution of energy profile in Kazan were back in 1930. In the 1960s, there was a shortage of energy specialists. And then, on July 18, 1968, the Kazan branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute was opened. The first rector was Gennady Fedorovich Bystritsky. The first years of classes were held in the premises of the hostel. Already in September 1968, the construction of the first two buildings for ("A" and "B") began.

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Agrarian University (Kazan): the history of its origin
In 1922, a new educational institution appeared in Kazan. It was named the Kazan Institute of Agriculture and Forestry. He came from an institute that is part of Kazan State University. At the moment, the Agrarian University is retraining personnel for agriculture. Also, on the basis of the institution, you can master such specialties as economist, accountant, lawyer, agrochemistry, soil science, mechanization of agriculture.

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Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
The University of Civil Engineering (Kazan) was founded in 1889. At that time, it was taught in two types of specialties. The first allowed the state to get people with an education in chemistry, the other – with technical and construction skills. In the future, this higher educational institution has changed its name more than once, took new faculties under its wing, as a result, in 1995 it settled on the current name.

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Kspeu. Education in Kazan, слайд 8

Kazan State Medical University
Another higher educational institution, which is located in Kazan, deserves special attention. We are talking about a university that trains future doctors and pharmacists. Kazan universities are famous for their diversity, so, in almost every one of them you can find the specialties of an accountant or a lawyer. However, this institution is aimed specifically at replenishing the ranks of doctors.

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There are also other universities in Kazan, such as KNITU-KAI, KHTI and others.
Kazan Aviation Institute was established on the basis of the Aerodynamic department of Kazan State University by the decision of the Main Directorate of the Aviation Industry of the People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry on March 5, 1932. Kazan National Research Technological University is one of the oldest universities in the capital of Tatarstan. Its history began with the formation of the Kazan United Industrial School in 1890. In 1919, this educational institution was transformed into the Kazan Polytechnic Institute, and in 1930, on the basis of the Chemical Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute and the Chemical Faculty of Kazan State University, the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology (KHTI) was established.

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