Презентация - History. Journey of Sir Francis Drake

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History. Journey of Sir Francis Drake

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The aim is to learn more about F.Drake

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Francis Drake

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By the end of the lesson you will be able to speak about Francis Drake and his journey

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How are these names related to Sir Francis Drake?
Plymouth The Golden Hind The Pacific The New World The Meluccas islands Africa Elizabeth !

Слайд 7

Match the words in bold to their meaning
1.on board a.strong 2 fortune b.on the ship 3.remaining c.way 4.route d.harbours 5violent e.left 6.ports f.sum of money 7.treasure g.in the end 8.eventually h.valuble objects

Слайд 8

Make up the leaflet about Sir Francis Drake’s journey To speak about his journey

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What have you learnt at the lesson? Put youself the mark

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Thank you for the lesson