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Schools in Britain
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Schools in Britain, слайд 1
Schools in Britain
Учитель английского языка ГБОУ школа №569 г. Санкт-Петербург Шаронова Марта Олеговна

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Schools in Britain, слайд 2

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Schools in Britain, слайд 3
School : advantages and disadvantages
to have too many extra subjects to learn new things to have many tests to prepare for adult life to have a lot of friends to enjoy school life and friendship to worry about getting good marks school has nothing to do with real life to be afraid of some teachers to study interesting subjects
to become smarter to develop your mind not to need so much knowledge to take part in school activities to get up early in the morning every day to have exchanges with English-speaking partners to be tired of doing homework to have good and experienced teachers to have interesting school traditions

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Schools in Britain, слайд 4
Fill the table

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Schools in Britain, слайд 5

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Schools in Britain, слайд 6
Some ideas about perfect school.
Be a brightly decorated building.  Be a modern building.  Offer any subjects students are interested in.  Have no boring and useless subjects.  Prepare for real life.  Talk freely to teachers.  Discuss any problems openly. Be compulsory.
Listen to students’ opinion.  Understand students’ problems.  Treat each other with respect.  Have no tests.  Have no special uniform.  Allow students have their own newspaper and radio. Be strict and have discipline

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Schools in Britain, слайд 7
SB p 68 ex 32-What do you think of a teacher’s job?
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