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Kazan is cultural center
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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 1
Kazan is cultural center
Student : Nasser Maryam Gassan Teacher: Aituganova Zhanna Ilevna
Kazan, 2022

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 2
Tell about the cultural centers of Kazan and their activities. Tasks: Tell about the cultural places of Kazan: museums, galleries, etc. Find out what events are taking place there Identify the most interesting

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 3
Theaters of Kazan
Tatar State Academic Theater named after Galiasgar Kamal The main theater of Kazan. It is located in the city center. Famous plays by great Tatar writers are staged here more often than the 19th and 20th centuries. Recently there was a play by K. Tinchurin — "The American" 2. Tatar academic state opera and ballet theater named after Jalil.One of the largest theaters in Russia. Here, in addition to plays, there are opera and ballet performances 3."Ekiyat" Tatar State Puppet Theater. This is a children's theater, such famous works as Pinocchio, 3 little pigs are often staged here

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 4

There are also theaters where plays by Russian writers are staged, for example: Kazan Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater named after V.I. Kachalov. Plays by great authors of the Golden Age are often played here. Kazan State Theater of the Young Spectator. This place is intended for both children and adults, sometimes they even put works of the 21st century here Tatar State Philharmonic named after G. Tukai. All kinds of cultural events are held in this building, famous classical musicians, folklorists, performances and dance ensembles come here. Youth "Theater On Bulak". This is a place where young people who love plays of the 20th-21st century devoted to topical topics

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 5

Kazan Museums
National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. exhibits are kept from the time before our era to the modern time. Even the museum itself is divided into several buildings, the World War II building, archeology, etc. Literary museums of Gabdulla Tukai, Chaliapin, Gorky and Borotynsky. It illustrates their way of life and creative path. And what about in the Tatar capital without the museum "chak chaka". You can get acquainted with the history of its creation and preparation There is a museum dedicated to Lenin, it tells about the history of the USSR and about his merits.

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 6
Galleries of Kazan.
There is only one permanent gallery in Kazan. In the rest, exhibitions are changed, but all of them most often use the same theme. The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan. There are works by such great artists as Aivozovsky, Vasnetsov and others. The paintings do not change, these are very expensive and ancient paintings, even when touching the paintings and glass, the alarm immediately goes off Gallery of Contemporary Art of Kazan. Both paintings and photographs from different parts of the world are exhibited here.Now there is simultaneously an exhibition of posters of the USSR and paintings by a Turkish artist in 2021 .
"Smena" is a gallery that exhibits not yet known contemporary artists and artists. "Bison" can even exhibit NFT paintings here because people are not used to such art yet. Sometimes a series of photographs from all over the world are exhibited here.

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 7
Internet resources
https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Казань https://www.tourister.ru/world/europe/russia/city/kazan/museum http://kazan-kremlin.ru/exhibition/zolotoj-vek-flamandskogo-iskusstva/?utm_source=yandex&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=poisk-71652107&utm_content=11786911942&utm_term=музеи%20казани&_openstat=ZGlyZWN0LnlhbmRleC5ydTs3MTY1MjEwNzsxMTc4NjkxMTk0Mjt5YW5kZXgucnU6cHJlbWl1bQ&yclid=13280770971490844671 https://kazan.zoon.ru/cultural_places/type/galereya/ https://www.tripadvisor.ru/Attractions-g298520-Activities-c49-t1-Kazan_Republic_of_Tatarstan_Volga_District.html

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Kazan is cultural center, слайд 8
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